Shiba Inu Costume

Costumes for your shiba, especially made for shibas. We have a stylish and hilarously fun assortment inside. Make your shiba warm, stylish, trendy and fun this spring!

Shiba Costumes

As a dog owner your are probably often looking for new methods to keep your shiba dog well groomed. However, have you considered that purchasing a shiba inu costume can contribute to your dogs grooming. Not convinced? Read through the points below and see if I can change your mind. They will highlight the benefits of purchasing a shiba costume for your dog, which go belong looking good, or looking fun and eye catching.

Upon understanding the importance of Shiba bandanas, you can even come up with a decision to buy them. Then you can gather a bunch of great experiences offered by them to your dog.

1.       Shiba costumes can contribute towards their cleanliness

You want your Shiba dogs to stay clean at all times. As you already know, wearing clothes can help human beings to stay clean. Likewise, you will be able to keep your dog clean with the assistance of Shiba costumes, including the Shiba costumes. When your dog gets less dirt, you will need to go for fewer baths. Therefore, you will be able to free up a lot of time in your day-to-day schedule as well.

As a dog owner, you need to keep in mind that dog hair is a magnet for dirt. They tend to attract all types of dirt, especially when your dog is spending his time outdoors. But you cannot limit the time spent by your dog outdoors as well. This is the reason why you are encouraged to go ahead and purchase appropriate dog clothing. Then you will be able to let your dog have the freedom of roaming around in the outdoors. Even if your dog rolls on something disgusting, the dog t-shirts will take care of it.

2.       Shiba costumes can provide warmth to your companion

Whether your shiba is just a pupper or fully grown, you will need to think about keeping them warm in harsher weather conditions. This is where shiba costumes like the shiba coat is invaluable. During the winter season, you tend to purchase coats and sweaters, so that you will be able to stay warm. Even though the Shiba dogs have a fur coats, it is not enough to provide warmth to the dog, especially during the winter season. That's where you should think about appropriate dog clothing. We provide the highest quality sweaters and coats made exclusively for Shiba Inu dogs.

Give your shiba the gift of one of our coats to make sure that your dog is not shivering during those cold winter walks. Give your shiba the opportunity to go chasing ducks in the snow and to express his cheekiness in warmth, as he interrupts people taking selfies with the snowmen.

3.       Shiba costumes can help you to make your dog look fashionable

Whenever new fashion trends come out, you tend to go ahead and embrace them. Likewise, you should allow your dog to embrace the latest trends in fashion as well. That’s where the Shiba costumes come into play. You can easily purchase cool dog stuff, which can help your dog to remain fashionable.

Every dog owner should think about dressing up their Shiba dogs, especially during the holidays. That’s because a large number of festivals and occasions are taking place during the holiday season. When you dress up your dog with colorful Shiba costumes and other clothing items, you will be able to take him to the events and festivals that you attend. Your dog would love that experience as well.

Some Shiba dogs prefer not to wear clothes. In such a situation, the Shiba costumes will come to assist you. Usually, the Shiba dogs don’t tend to show any resistance towards wearing the bandanas. Or else, you can even purchase a bow-tie and let your dog get dressed up. The photos that you take when you dress up your dog would be colorful, and you will love to cherish the moments that you had with your dog by taking a look at them.

4.       Shiba costumes can contribute to their health

The Shiba costumes that you will be able to purchase from us, are able to contribute towards their overall health as well. For example, the Shiba costumes can keep your dog away from allergies. That is because the clothes are in a position to keep the dog away from chewing, scratching, and licking. In other words, the clothes act as a barrier between the allergens and your dog.

On the other hand, you will be able to provide enhanced protection to your dog from sunburns with the assistance of dog costumes. If you can purchase boots from the pet store, you will be able to deliver an enhanced level of protection to their paws, especially when they are walking on hot or abrasive surfaces. Likewise, a dog cooling vest can assist you to always keep your dog cool.

5.       Shiba costumes can ensure the visibility of your dog at all times

Finally, some of our Shiba costumes can always help with the overall visibility of your dog. Therefore, you will be able to take the dog out for a walk during the nighttime. In addition, you can also keep peace of mind when you go out with your dog during the off-leash hikes and hunting season. That is because you know that the Shiba costumes give enhanced visibility so you can spot your Shiba easily amongst the natural background.


Shiba Questions

Can shibas swim?

Shiba are not instinctive to water, and so in general do not like being in water. However, if trained properly and introduced to water early, shibas can learn to swim and even enjoy swimming in water.

Can shibas bark?

Shibas in general don’t tend to bark, or they do, but not too often. Instead shibas make a wide range of other noises, the most renowned being the shiba scream. The shiba scream is a loud pitched shrieking noise shibas can make when excited or in in play.

Are shibas good dogs?

Shiba are difficult to train and can be fiercely independent. However, with the right training and socialization shiba inus can also be incredibly loyal and playful dogs.

How do shibas play?

Shibas, like most breeds of dogs like to have a play. They will play with fetch toys or other dogs when left off the leash.

Costume questions

Can cats wear dog costumes?

The smaller dog costumes can be used with cats. However, be aware that a dog costume that is too tight, will not be taken to well by your cat.

Can dog Halloween costumes?

Dog can wear Halloween costumes and there a many fun ones out there. One fun one that has been prominently for the last couple of years on Instagram is the Chuckie costume.

Where to buy dog costumes?

There are many places on the internet that sell dog costumes. Here at the Happy Shibas we sell costumes for shiba Inus, but they can also be repurposed for different breeds of smaller dog.

Where can I get dog costumes?

You can get dog costumes here at the Happy Shibas.

Can you make dog costumes?

It is certainly possible to make Halloween costumes at home, with the right materials and the right attitude.

How to make dog costumes at home?

There is a great article here that you can follow to go about making your own dog costumes.