Shiba Inu Clothes

Get your Shiba clothes here at the official Shiba store for members of the Shiba Inu tribe. Lets share our love for all things Shiba Inu together.

Everything You Need To Know About Shiba Inu Clothes

Are you a big fan of Shiba Inu Plush toys and pillows? Well, who is not, and now you should feel elated for the fact that finally, you can wear clothes based on the theme of Shiba Inu. The Happy Shiba is a web store from where you can purchase different or all clothes which they have launched in the Shiba Inu Clothes collection. From the very first look at these clothes, you will fall in love with the design and the whole appearance of their clothing.

Shiba Inus
Questions and facts on clothes
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The best part of this collection is that they have come up with more than ten pieces of clothing, which are absolutely comfortable and look aesthetically pleasing as well. However, if you have no idea of the "Shiba Inu Fan Club," then you have arrived at the right page. After reading about Shiba Inu and its toys, pillows, and clothes, you will definitely end up ordering some for yourself or for your relatives.

Shiba Inus

Shiba Inu is a breed of dog that originates in Japan. There are many interesting qualities of this breed, due to which this dog is one of the most favorite dogs of kids and adults for that matter. This is a small-medium sized dog which is also known for their hunting skills. The physical attributes, along with the mental traits of this dog, make them super cute yet bold. The natives of Japan explain these dogs' nature in mere three words, i.e., soboku, kaani-I, and ryosei, which means alertness, bold spirited, and good nature, respectively.

There are many kid's stores where you can find Shiba Inu Plush toys, pillows, etc., but now we have an official Shiba store, where you can find good quality products that are made with love for all the lovers of Shiba Inu. Now, let's look at the different pieces of clothes that you can buy from The Happy Shiba, which is known to be the official store to purchase all the Shiba Inu merchandise.


Now you can pamper your feet with the Shiba Inu Socks; it is a sheer whimsical piece of clothing that will definitely give a lift to your wardrobe. With these socks, your feet will get due attention even when they will be inside your footwear. These comfortable socks feature Shiba Inu, who is posing in different directions.

Key features:

Ø   It is available for men and women both

Ø   It comes in three different beautiful colors, i.e., black, pink and green

Ø   It comes in a free size

Ø   They are 100% comfortable


The Shiba Inu sweaters are made with the help of advanced digital printing technology. Therefore, there is absolutely no point of fading even when the sweaters get washed in the washing machine, high-temperature washing, or by hand washing. The fabric of these sweaters has a cozy feeling, which makes them perfect to wear.

Key features:

Ø   It comes in different sizes such as M, L, XL, and XXL

Ø   You can order different colors such as Khaki, Black, White, Pink, Red, Gray and Blue

Ø   They are 100% comfortable

Ø   The design and pattern of these sweaters are unmatchable

Great efforts have been put into the making of these Shiba Inu slippers. The pattern and design of these slippers will provide you supported and cushioned steps. With these slip-ons, you can walk comfortably. With the Shiba Inu slippers, you can perfectly show off the spirit of this beautiful animal.

Key features:

Ø   It is available in various sizes such as 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, and 9.5

Ø   It comes with a durable rubber sole

Ø   It has an anti-slip point sole

Ø   It does not scuff to the floor

Ø   It is suitable to use by kids and adults in homes, hotels, and bathroom


The raw material used for this beanie is specially handpicked. This woven beanie will complete your winter look as it has the cute face of Shiba Inu. This stylish yet warm piece of clothing is a must-have thing in your wardrobe.

Key features:

Ø   It is soft and cozy

Ø   It is available in 3 colors, i.e., Black, White, and Gray

Ø   It is made with premium cotton

Ø   It comes in one size but is perfect for all

Ø   It is perfect for the winter season

Some Closing Thoughts:

Well, that is all about the Shiba Inu Clothes. If you are a dog lover, then you should definitely check the website of The Happy Shibas. Their collection is bound to make you feel astonished. All the clothes, plush toys, pillows, etc., manufactured and delivered by this official store of Shiba Inu are made with love and care. You can even buy them and gift them to your friends and relatives as you can find them on some amazing deals.

Questions and facts on clothes

When clothes were invented

A fun fact is that clothes were invented at least 200 thousand years ago. So I way back cave man like ancestors were also why clothes. It is likely that clothes were invented initially as a way to keep warm as humans moved north out of Africa into colder climates.

How clothes are made

Clothes are made in stages. In a brief summary, the fabric received and then is cut into their segments and then grouped together. Any print is printed onto the garments and then sewed together and checked. This is exactly how our clothes are made in our factories and by our skilled workers.

How clothes affect first impressions

The way someone dresses is a strong way to communicate to others your personality, interests and even what type of person you are. It is right up there with body language as a means of communication. That’s why when you wear our shiba clothes, you can flaunt to others your love for shibas and show your bold personality.

How clothes should fit you

Sometimes we go for the baggy look and at times we like to go for the tight and skinny fit. However, there are a few rules of thumb. Firstly, clothes should always feel comfortable and not be digging into any part of your body. Being able to put to fingers into your waist on a pair of pants is a good measure. A shirt or hoody that you wear should not ride up to far when you sit down.

What clothes suit my body type?

We all have a certain body type and some types of clothes and sizes fit better for various body types than others. Make sure you measure different parts of your body, so for women, shoulder, bust, waist and hips. Many of our clothes have size charts that also have measurements for different parts of your body, so you can make a good choice.

Can clothes shrink in the dryer?

Different fabrics and materials react to heat differently, however most clothes will shrink in the tumble dryer. However, there are ways around this. You can dry certain clothes to an extent that they are still damp and then air dry them. Or you can air dry them fully, but of course this takes longer. Its important to be wary of this when choosing a clothes size.

Will clothes dry in cold weather?

So you have decided to air dry your clothes. In cold weather clothes will still dry. However, it will take longer to dry in the cold than it would in warmer weather. So it takes an extra layer of patience.

Where can clothes be dried properly?

In the winter months therefore, you might not want to dry your clothes outside. Keep your clothes spread out and put on a hanger and separate from other clothes. It will help if they are close to a heat source, like a radiator in an electric heater.

Questions on shibas

Can shibas eat grapes?

Its important to know that shibas cannot eat grapes. Grapes are toxic to shibas and it affects their digestive system. So never give grapes in any form to shibas.

Can shibas be off leash?

Shiba are very playful and love their zoomies (running around). It is important when you let your shiba off their leash to keep an eye on them to make sure that they are safe.

Are shibas hard to train?

As a dog breed shibas are very independent and have been compared to cats in their temperament. They are notoriously a difficult dog breed to train, however this does not mean they can’t be. Good training can reward the owner with a loyal and friendly companion and is well worth the effort.

How are shibas with cats?

How shibas do with cats can depend on the cat and can depend on the shiba. You can find many videos on Instagram with shibas and cats appearing like they are ‘best friends’. There are other videos you can watch where the cat and the shiba seem like sworn enemies. So whether they get along will depend very much on the temperament of both animals.