Shiba Inu Blanket Bed

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Give your shiba the gift of a wonderful nights sleep

The shiba inu blanket bed has a wonderfully cute shiba face to welcome your shiba to relax and indulge in tranquil sleep.

The high quality plush fabric is super soft and comfortable and your shiba will love resting themselves on it.

A great gift for your shiba friend.

Blanket bed specifications: 

Diameter 85 cm, thickness 6 cm, weight 1.1 kg.


1. Large blanket size, suitable for shibas of various sizes.
2. Made of high-quality soft plush fabric, for extra warmth and more comfort.
3. Exquisite embroidery, cleaning will not cause pattern changes.
4. Two ways of use, your shiba can lie down to sleep, or sleep on the surface as a cushion.

Shiba laying looking comfortable on a shiba desgign bed
shiba laying on a soft plush fabric bed

shiba inside a plush bed looking out

Your shiba will thank you for the gift of soft, wonderous relaxation

a shiba bed with a shiba asleep in it

Let them rest their tired soul after a hard days fun

a shiba blanket with a shiba inu dog resting inside

Get your shibas new bed blanket now while stock lasts

Shiba money back guarantee

Your Shiba Inu Blanket Bed comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.