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Unleash the cuteness with our Shiba plush collection! Our collection is packed with fluffy, lovable Shiba stuffed animals that will melt your heart. From mini to giant, we've got the perfect Shiba plushie for every Shiba lover.

Shiba Inus

There is no doubt Shiba’s are heckin awesome and below we give you the answers to many questions you may have had about this fantastic dog breed as well as answer any questions on Shibas of the pillow and stuffed kind.

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Questions on shibas
Questions on plushy shibas
Shiba Squad
Chonky Angery Boi
Happy Shiba
The Cheeky Shiba
The Sleepy Shiba

Are shiba inus cuddly?
Shiba inus are wonderful dogs that are independent and delightfully unique in their behaviour. They are absolutely not as cuddly as other breeds of dog, however they are not opposed to the odd cuddle now and again, on their terms of course.

Are shiba inus aggressive?
Shiba inus are a hunting animal at the end of the day and like to be the dominant member. They will often act aggressively toward other animals and other dogs displaying their fiery temperament. It is for this reason the idea of the angry shiba plush pillow was born.

What does shiba mean in Japanese?
In Japanese the word shiba translates into English as brushwood. The origin and meaning for this are uncertain, however it has been suggested that it may refer to the colour of the leaves of the brushwood tree which is similar in look to the fur of shibas.

Where do shiba inus come from?
The shiba dog is native to Japan and originated within the dense undergrowth of Japans mountainous regions. There were brought over to the US around 60 years ago, whereby after, their popularity spread out across the rest of the western world.
where do shiba inus come from
Are shiba inus good with cats?
Shiba dogs will not get along with cats unless they have been conditioned correctly. If the cat and shiba dog are raised together from an early age however, there is a good chance they will get along.
are shiba inus good with cats
Why are shiba inus so weird?
The shiba inus unique and quirky independent streak make them appear to some as weird. Their aloof behaviour can resemble more of a cat than a dog and their distinctive shiba scream are just one of many traits that make shiba inus so unusual and cool.
why are shiba inus so weird
Are shiba inus smart?
Shiba Inus are very smart and can learn very quickly. However, remember they have a very independent streak and will learn what they want to learn. They are also dominant and at times mischievous, so what they learn may not be in the owners best interest. Check out the smarts on this cheeky shiba.
are shiba inus smart?
Akita vs shiba inu
The main difference between the two is in height and weight. Shibas usually only grow to 40cm tall whereas Akita’s at their smallest are at least 60cm tall. Shibas only weigh around 12kg, whereas Akita’s often weigh above 30kg. In terms of food bill, you could expect to pay two or three times more for an Akita

Questions on Plushy Shibas

What are the shiba plushies made of?
They are made from premium fabric and premium cotton.

Are the shiba stuffed animals suitable for children?
Yes, they are more than suitable for your little ones, although we advise only for 3 years and above.

How many shiba soft toys can I buy at once?
As many as you like, as long as there is stock available.

Why are they some of the plushies also called pillows?
Because they can double up as both. A shiba toy by day and a shiba pillow by night.

Shiba Squad

The shiba squad are a pack of cutely dressed kawaii shiba plush doggos. Dressed in the cutest outfits, these shibas want a home to be loved and adored in. Each member of the shiba squad has a unique outfit and a unique personality.
shiba squad plush

Chonky Angery Boi

These angry bois are some dogge stuffed toys that are brooding at the surface. The fiery attitude of these angry shibas is simply intoxicating. Some say these three angry shibes have beef with the next-door neighbour’s cat, some say they were refused bacon in a past life, all we know is that they are fuming. They might break someone’s heckin face tonight. A fine angry dog plush. 
fat dog plush

Happy Shiba

On the flipside these happy fat shibas are in shibe wonderland. With a grin to match the most envious of dogs, these happy doggos, are the shibe, when the shibe wants some loving and affection. The happy shiba pillow really is a happy shiba inu with class, smarts and joy. It is one special shiba inu cuddly toy.

The Cheeky Shiba

This shiba might be the cheekiest shiba that has graced this fair earth. This stuffed shiba inu toy optimises all that is cheeky, clever and mischievous about the shiba inu dog breed. With a thought and an eye always on the next play, this cheeky shiba needs a house and a home to have some fun.
shiba plush japan

The Sleepy Shiba

Mouth open, yawn, eyes closed, off to sleepy town. This sleepy shibe has been at it all day. Chasing cats, eating bacon, screaming when they don’t get what they want. Who wouldn’t need some sleep after to a day like that. Sleepy shiba, close your eyes, you have earned it. An awesome, if not tired, shiba inu plush animal.