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A collection of fun and awesome shiba stickers for every occasion and for all shiba lovers. We have cartoon stickers, funny stickers, quirky stickers. All delightfully cute and adorably sweet.


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Shiba Stickers

Since Stickers were invented, they have been used to communicate the thoughts and emotions of others. In some way’s stickers could be described as the shorthand of communication, used to make messages shorter and more quickly interpreted. Stickers can be classified into two major groups' analog stickers and digital stickers.

Analog stickers are mostly either printed onto products for marketing to provide information or they are used as decoration, such as on a car, on a laptop, books, work desk and bottles. Digital stickers are ideograms which are used in electronic messaging and have gained popularity on social medial sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and whatsapp.

The introduction of digital stickers has sparked a revolution in the sphere of sticker usage; incorporating an extra layer of dynamism. Stickers can also have movements that aid the communication of the intended message, such as a dance to convey happiness.

Stickers come in various forms, variable in size, color, shape, material and content. The name of the sticker is a unique placeholder that represents the idea of what it is trying to communicate or is a recognizable character name. Some examples are fictional and real animals, children, grownups, fruits and an almost infinite variety of others.

Depending on how these characters are portrayed in a sticker, they communicate the messenger's thoughts and emotions. They can represent a message of happiness, sadness, anxiety, excitement, love, calmness, intelligence, instructions, and many more.

  Choosing the right character for a sticker is thus a crucial step in sticker design. Facial expressions of animal and human characters are the main form of communication used to convey a sticker's message; This is because facial expressions, a non-verbal communication tool, can capture a wide range of emotions and thoughts. One of the most common animal characters in stickers is dogs, Shiba Inu breed.

All about shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a breed of dog with its origin being Japan. This dog has a fox-like appearance with thick fur, small erect ears, curly tail, and muscular body structure. It is a hunting dog used for retrieving short game, although it can be used as a companion or guard dog. The Shiba Inu is a bold, loyal, alert, and well- spirited dog that is easy to domesticate as a pet. But it is also a selfish dog when it comes to its personal belongings such as food as and territory. He will, most of the time, jealously guard his personal space and possessions. All these characteristics explain why it is the most popular dog breed in Japan.

Shiba Inu Stickers

The popularity of stickers in Japan combined with Shiba Inu dogs' popularity has led to the increased acceptance of the Shiba Inu stickers. Shiba Inu stickers have turned out to be one of the most popular stickers out there.

These stickers consist of either the full body of the Shiba Inu dog or just its face.

The sticker can be a picture of a real shiba dog, a cartoon version and one that is in the midst of running or doing another activity. Shiba inus have a diverse personality, which any shiba owner can attest to and consequently make for a great subject for designing stickers. Whatever emotion or message that you are looking to symbolize in a sticker there is bound to be one in our shiba sticker collections.

Combining these facial expressions with a short description in words of the intended message will make the communication much better. The words used should be minimal to avoid overshadowing the dog's character in the sticker with the words. Apart from the face, the dog's body can also be included when there is a need to emphasize the message being sent using a sticker.

The whole body's inclusion also gives the creator of the stickers more body parts to use to pass the message. For example, he can include the dog's paws over its mouth to indicate a state of hiding something or extreme shock, or the waggling of its tail to indicate a state of excitement. The sticker's choice of color plays a significant role in how the sticker appears and its communicative ability.

You should pick the sticker's background color and that of the dog with care to make sure they do not contradict the sticker's intended purpose.   Something small as changing the color saturation can evoke a different feeling, like using a dark dog and a dark background in a sticker designed to portray happiness instead of using lighter and warmer colors.

The Shiba Inu stickers are appropriate for various occasions and purposes. For dog lovers, the usage of these dog-themed stickers can be very fulfilling. The cuteness of the Shiba Inu dog alone is enough to make these stickers appear more appealing. Sticking these beautiful stickers in one's area of interest helps improve that area's appearance, such as the décor of a room, the back of a computer, a book cover, or a skate board. For people who enjoy collecting stickers as a hobby, these stickers can be a great collection.

The stickers can be attached to a gift hamper to pass a message or emotions of the gift's sender. With the increased social interaction and messaging on social media platforms, digital Shiba Inu stickers' usage is appropriate in conveying that important short message such as a show of discontent, happiness, or shyness.  


Shiba Inu stickers are unique and a perfect gift for dog lovers. You can stick the stickers on the items that interest you, such as the laptops, book covers, and your skate board. Most of the stickers are super cute, and there is no doubt that Shiba Inu stickers are one of the best stickers to use, judging by their popularity and awesomeness as a whole.

Sticker Questions

Are stickers recyclable?

The actual answer is not actually a simple one. They are theoretically recyclable, however the effort that is required to recycle them is far more than other materials. This is because the adhesive used in stickers can be problematic for recycling machines. Its for this reason that most recycling plants choose to not recycle stickers. However, the hope would be in future a solution could be found for this sticky problem.

Can stickers be removed from laptop?

There are various methods to remove stickers from your laptop, however it will be more beneficial if the sticker is not to old. The first method would be to use your nail or an item with a sharp edge a delicately keep picking away at the corner, being careful not to make any scratches or dig into it. The other methods that are available involve using a substance to weaken the adhesive bond to the laptop. One popular method is to use olive oil.

Will stickers ruin my macbook?

They shouldn’t do, however as mentioned in the question above, it will be difficult to remove the older the sticker is. As long as you are careful and research the correct methods you shouldn’t have a problem.

Which stickers should I buy?

We have a whole multitude of shiba inu stickers available in our collections and so browse the images and specifications of each and make a decision that feels best for you. If you like more cartoony shibas you should choose. Or if you like more Japanese style shiba stickers you might like.

stickers in the shape of shiba inu

How stickers are made

Stickers come in many different materials these days but vinyl is popular because it is water proof. Sticker vinyl is created when machinery converts PVC into flat sheets and then that is bound to an adhesive using an array of mechanical and chemical wizardry.

Shiba Stickers

How many shibas are in the world?

The figures that are available are incomplete and do not always take into account shibas in various circumstances. An estimate for the United States is that there is between 500k-1million shibas living there and an estimate of around 5 million across the world.

How long do shibas live?

Healthy shibas have a lifespan that can range between 12 and 15 years.

Can shibas bark?

The shiba inu is quite a quiet dog breed and is not known to bark often. However, the shiba dog does make a number of other interesting sounds including the infamous shiba screen. If you have never heard it, check out some of the high profile shiba accounts on Instagram like.   It is something not to be missed.

Can shibas eat banana?

Shiba Inu dogs can eat bananas and provide a good source of nutrients for them. However, if your shiba inu is a puppy then you would want to make sure with your vet, if your puppies digestive system is at a place that they can digest this type of fruit.