Shiba Inu T-Shirt

Adorn the spirit of the shiba by wearing a shiba inu t-shirt. We have a collection of fun and hilarious designs all whilst making you look stylish and cool.

Shiba inu t-shirts

Shiba inu

This is a dog breed that was occasionally used to hunt wild boar. In addition to that, they were mostly used to flush birds and other small game. In Japan, shiba inu is one of the six breeds. These dogs are pure breed, but sometimes you may find them in shelters or under the care of a rescue team. If you are a dog lover, then you should consider adopting a shiba inu for its amazing personality. It is mostly known for their high spirits, cat-like agility and small upright ears. Nowadays, they are mostly used as companion dogs as compared to flushing birds and small game. Just like any other dog, shiba inu also needs care and frequent grooming. While doing this, you are bonding with the dog too, and will train him or her to know when its grooming time.

Characteristics of the Shiba Inu

There are various traits that most people find to be amazing in this dog breed. These are the traits that make any dog lover want to adopt a shiba inu and take it home. Some of the best characteristics of this dog breed include the following.

·        They adapt well in apartments

Unlike other dogs that require huge spaces to live, shiba inu is well adaptive to an apartment. This means that even a student living in an apartment, and is capable of taking care of the dog can comfortably adopt one.

·        Prefer being alone most of the time

This trait is one of the best traits that most people find in shiba inu. Although they need you attention, they also need sometime alone. They feel much comfortable when they are alone as compared to when in company of many people. This means that you can comfortably work with these feline friends around you, just minding their own business.

·        Adapts well to cold weather

Shiba inu is also known to be very comfortable in cold weather. They find comfort when in cold weather as compared to when in cold weather.

·        Friendly to human beings

If you are looking for a companion then shiba inu is the best pet to take home. After this pet has gotten used to you, it will always react positively and express happiness whenever it sees you. In addition to that, they easily recognize people they have met before without any difficulties.

·        Easy to Groom

Shiba inu will give you an easy time during grooming. They are not stubborn like other breeds, and are very calm during the whole grooming process. In turn, you will also enjoy the grooming of your feline friend since you are having an easy time doing it.

·        Intelligent

Shiba inu breed is a very intelligent dog breed. This is why they were used to flush out small game and birds, and later used for hunting. They have a very strong sense and can tell the mood in their surroundings.

·        High energy level

They have a high energy level, making them good companions when you want to take a walk or slightly exercise. You can take this breed with you for your evening walk so that it can help you in keeping up with your pace and your workouts. If you are to climb a hill, then shiba inu will definitely keep you on toes.

Therefore, shiba inu is the best dog breed, perfect for a family environment and perfect for living in a small set up such as an apartment. They are easy to handle, and are intelligent enough to detect if there is any problem.


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Shiba inu t-shirts

This is the best t-shirt for any dog lover. You can select the t-shirt of your choice and color, and choose the design that you want. Most of these t-shirts are found online, in different shopping platforms where you can have a look and select one of your choice. Alternatively, you can buy a plain t-shirt, and get it designed for you. This makes it very easy to put the picture in your head into something realistic.

In addition to that, if you are buying shiba inu t-shirts from our store, then you should put some factors into consideration to help you deal with the best company. First, check the reviews of the company of your choice online. With advancement in technology, you will be able to see how other people feel about this specific company, and its rating, and then decide if it is the best company to work with. Secondly, how much is the shipping cost to your location? Is it affordable or can you find another company that is affordable? Lastly, how long does it take for the product to get to you? After you have answered all these, then you can go ahead and select the company to purchase shiba inu t-shirts from.

In summary, shiba inu’s are the best companion that anyone can have. They adapt easily to different environments and bond well with people. Therefore, if you are a lover of this dog breed, you should consider getting a t-shirt printed with it.


How T-shirt printing is done

First the t-shirt design is made on computer software. Then it is printed in ink onto transfer a transfer sheet. The transfer sheet with design is loaded into a heat press with a blank t-shirt and the design fuses to the t-shirt once pressed against its surface.

How to fold a t-shirt

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Can a t-shirt be tucked in?

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Can a t-shirt length be altered?

A t-shirt length can be altered to be made shorter by all good quality tailors. However, it is always preferential to try to get the right size in the first place.

What t-shirt color is most popular?

The most popular colors for t-shirts are black and white. This is followed by gray, navy blue and red.

What t-shirt to wear with a blazer?

Polo necks and t-shirts can both be comfortably and stylishly worn with a blazer. The more plain the t-shirt is usually the better. Just make sure the color matches in some way with the blazer or complements the color of the blazer.

Which t-shirt is best?

We have a wide assortment of t-shirts and shiba designs to choose from. Take a browse through and make a choice based on which design and t-shirt meets your needs and resonates with you the most.

Will t-shirt material fray?

All tshirts can fray as they are made of cotton. Its always important to take extra care with your tshirts.

What can shibas eat?

Shibas do well on a balanced diet of nutrients of meat, carbohydrates and fruits as well as the right minerals and vitamins. There are certain foods that they do not tolerate well, including grapes.

When shibas attack?

If shibas are trained properly it is unlikely they will attack. Shibas will sometimes adopt body language that appears aggressive, however rarely continue with attacks. There are reports of them attacking smaller dogs, however, this might be because they feel the other dog is invading their territory or space.

When do shibas shed?

Shibas only shed their coats sparsely throughout the year. Then twice a year, during the fall and the spring they go through a period of intense shedding of their undercoat, known as to ‘blow their coat’.

When are shibas fully grown?

Shibas most often take up to a year to reach their final height and weight, although rarely this process can take shorter or longer, depending upon the shibas diet and socialization.