Big Zippa Shiba Pencil Case

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A stunning shiba pencil case, that really pops when you see it. 

Complete with a big sturdy zip to keep all your stationary secure inside. 

Complete in a number of fantastic designs and colours, you can use this pencil case for school, for college, for work or wherever you want to show off your love for shibas!

Made with the finest materials and with shiba loving care.

Size: Length 19cm, Height 10cm, Width: 6.5cm. 

Open case of pens and pencils

open pencil case with a shiba on it

Imagine that you go to your school or workplace. The same as you usually do. Yet this time in your bag you have your shiba inu pencil case.

You sit down and take out your new and stylish item and put it on the table.

"Whats that?" asks your school friend or colleague inquistively. "Are those shiba inus on a pencil case... wow awesome!"

The conversations that then start by having your pencil case about your love for shibas can be endless. 

Why wouldn't they be? Shibas are awesome and there is so much to talk about.

black gray and blue case of pencils on a gray table

a table of pencils and pens and with a case with a happy shiba

Shiba money back guarantee

Your Big Zippa Shiba Pencil Case comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.  


Did you know?

  • The shiba inu name actually means "brushwood dog"
  • Early pencil cases were decorated with expensive materials, like jasper or platinum. Also the first patent for a pencil case was not filed until 1946.

So don't wait, pick up a shiba inu pencil case today!