Doge Costume

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The doge costume made famous by Shiba Charmy on Instagram.

Have some fun with your shiba and let them serenade you with their guitar.

two shibas wearing costumes and sat next to each other

Amuse your friends, family or instagram followers with this charming and novel shiba costume.

With this doge costume make your shiba become a star! 🎸⭐ 🐕

Comes in three different sizes:

Small: Weight 10kg or less & bust 34-45cm

Medium Weight 15kg or less & bust 45-52cm

Large Weight 22kg or less & bust 52-60cm

Shiba sitting wearing guitar playing costume

Light and breathable material, soft and comfortable.

Fashionable design, new and bright colors.

Durable, comfortable, warm, easy to use and clean.


Shiba money back guarantee

Your Doge guitar costume comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.