Shiba Inu Personalized Harness

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Introducing the shiba custom harness. A winning combination of expert craftsmanship and customisation.

Personalise your shiba harness by adding your shibas name and your phone number (optional).

When you take your shiba out for walks, or introduce them to friends or family, people will instantly know your shibas name.

Your phone number on the harness could save your shibas life.

In the frightening occurrence that your shiba were to become lost, a friendly stranger can ensure their safe return.

specification of the shiba harness


The harness is a no pull harness, which trains your shiba to walk alongside you

Because of this it releases the stress and strains that can occur in your shibas neck from poorly designed collars. That stress and strain could eventually lead to spinal damage.

Adjustable chest and neck straps that are secure, but free enough so that your shiba remains calm and not stressed or anxious.

The fabric is breathable and lightweight, so that your shiba is in comfort whilst wearing the harness

The harness is extremely easy to fit

dog having harness fitted

dog wearing a shiba inu personalized harness

Reflective straps to ensure your shibas safety during night time walks.

harness is reflective to light to improve visibility from cars


Size measurements for the shiba inu harness

Shiba money back guarantee

Your Shiba Inu Personalized Harness comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.