Shiba Inu Keychain

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Shiba Inu Key Chain. Three stylish and unique designs.

Make your keys unforgettable with one of our Shiba Inu Keychains.

Everytime you take out your keys you will be reminded about your love❤️ for shibas with a cute shiba staring back at you.

Comes in three different designs:

Cute Shiba Keychain

The cute shiba has a sweet grin on their face and tongue poking out. Complete with a swirly tail and the shibas traditional cat like posture.

shiba dog design on a keychain

Cheeky shiba keychain

This cheeky shiba has his tongue out in a mischevious manner and an innocent squint underlying an inner deviousness.

shiba tongue out desing for a keyring

Inbread Shiba Keychain

The inbread shiba literally has his head in a slice of bread with his eyes and nose poking through the hole in it. Almost in a adorable way to distract for it the shiba has an onimous but obedient pose.

shibas head in a slice of bread desigin for a keychain

The key to anyones heart is the shiba inu keychain. Open the door to its cuteness and get your's today!

Shiba money back guarantee

Your Shiba Keychain comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.