The Three Smiley Shibas

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The Three Smiley Shibas!

Their happ, but they do love a snacc!

The three smiley shibas are the embodiment of the shibe at their brightest.

Energetic, smart and independent. Having fun running around doing zoomies. Getting up to mischief, living and being free.

The Three smiley shibas might be our most huggable plushie yet. With soft smotth fur that is a delight to stroke. Transport yourself to a warm wonderland with a squishy squeeze of their bellies.

With cuteness on overload, lie back and relax with your smiley shiba and use as a pillow when you curl up for a nights rest.

Brighten up your day and relax your nights away with this happy boi.

For 3 years +

Woman hugging a shiba stuffed animal thing

Woman sitting on a chair with a black shiba hugging it

Woman standing hugging black and brown shiba dog stuffie

woman laying down hugging a yellow plush and has head on a black shibe plush

woman holding the stomach of a black shibe plush

woman sleeping on a light brown shiba plush

Shiba money back guarantee

Your Three Smiley Shiba plushie comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.