Bucky the Cute Sloth Plush

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Bucky is an amazingly cute sloth who is super cuddley

Bucky was born in the tropical rain forests of Central America but never felt at home there.

Where he really wanted to be was with humans. Sitting on their bed, their worktops or anywhere where people could see Bucky's cuteness

Bucky has a kawaii face with long legs and arms. Great for cuddling when your are happy, when you are down or whatever mood you are in. 

Bucky the cute sloth plush is filled with premium cotton, has expertly woven fur and squidgy fun arm and feet claws. 

Bucky comes in two different sizes:

Small - 50cm 

Large - 70cm

Don't be slow like a sloth to give Bucky a home. Welcome Bucky into you plush family.

Bucky is great as a gift too. Make a loved one smile 😃

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