Dave the Sleepy Seal Pillow

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Dave the sleepy seal pillow, sleeping for an eternity so that you can get a good nights sleep too!

Dave spent most of his early life, trying to figure out what he was good at. All his friends were picking up swimming more quickly, they could wave their fins with more vigour.

Dave was confused until he found something he truly was amazing at. He was a fantastic sleeper and a fabulous pillow!

And now you have the opportunity to let Dave the sleepy seal pillow do what he does best and be your pillow.  

Seal pillow with eyes clothes sleeping sitting on a chair

Dave the sleepy seal comes complete with:

- A cute sleepy face

- A soft tail

- Webbed feet and arms

Dave is a welcome addition to your other plush friends and is great as a pillow. Enter slumber land sleeping on Dave's big belly

Comes in 3 Different sizes:

- Small: 30cm

- Medium: 40cm

- Large: 60cm

A person holding onto the fabric of a pillow in the shape of a seal

And now Dave comes in Extra Large (80cm)!

Did you know?

- That seals can live up to 30 years.

- The smallest species of seal grows to only 1m in length and weighs only 45 kg. Thats less than most young human adults

- Some species of seal actually feed off other species of seal, like the leopard seal. Yikes!

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