Roundy Face Shibe

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Meet Meng the Roundy Face Shiba

His head is big... his head is round... his head is chonky. Meng the roundy face shibais magnetically endearing. A super soft and cuddable stuffed plush.

For those times you are feeling sad, lonely, angry or scared. Give Meng a hug and let those feelings evaporate away. 

Loveable features

  • Fur that will keep you stroking back for more.
  • A chonky head and body, ideal for sweet adorable warm hugs.
  • A cheeky shiba smile, that says this doge has been up to mischief all day.
  • A mlem tongue for extra cuteness.
  • Adorable pointy eyes, nose and fluffy sticky out ears. 

Woman hugging a shiba with a round head

Shiba money back guarantee
Your Roundy Face Shiba comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.