Charlie the Chonky Seal Pillow

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Charlie the Chonky Seal Pillow, the chonkiest seal plush on the internet!

Born on a stray slab of ice in the Arctic,  Charlie the seal wasn't always the big chonk that he is now. He had to work at it!

As a young pup  Charlie moved to San Francisco and lived by the famous pier 39. But he was no sea lion, just a chonky seal pillow!

So he plied his trade in the US by gaining an enormous amount of weight and become officially the chonkiest seal on the planet. 

And now you can look after Chonky in his new phase of his life. In your home! 

Fat seal plushie on a brown chair with a yellow cushion

Charlie the chonky seal comes complete with:

- A cute but slightly moody face

- A soft tail

- Webbed feet and arms

Charlie is a great addition to any plush family and is great as a pillow. Enter slumber land sleeping on Charlie's big belly

Comes in 3 Different sizes:

- Small 30cm

- Medium 40cm

- Large 60cm

Three diffrent size chonky seal pillows, staked on top of each other

And now Charlie comes in Extra Large (80cm)!

One real seal next to a stuffed seal toy

Did you know?

  • Underneath the seals layer of skin they have what is called blubber. This not only makes them look chonky but keeps them warm in the cold.
  • The first pillows were invented over 9000 years ago and were made of stone! A bit of a change from using a fat seal for a pillow!

So dont hesitate and get your chonky seal pillow today! 

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