Corgi Plushie

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This cute corgi plushie is fantastically cute and wonderfully squishy.

Give the corgi a huge hug and fall into it's wonderous softness

Run your hand along corgi's silky fur and feel its dreamy smoothness. There is a reason its the most popular corgi plush on the internet. 

Corgi is great as a pillow. Lay your head on Corgi's belly filled with premium cotton and drift off into slumberland.

Wake up to corgi's kawaii smile and wide eyes and instantly it will brighten up your morning.

japanese woman smiling with corgi stuffed toy

Corgi Plush comes in three different sizes:

Small: 30cm

Medium: 45cm

Large: 60cm

japanese girl with 3 corgi toys, yellow, brown and gray

Corgi Plush comes in three different colours:

- Yellow

- Brown

- Gray

Woman holding three corgi plush pillows

Corgi plushie is based upon the famous instagram Corgi dog Geordie La Corgi and is great as a gift for a friend or a loved one

Corgi lovers adore this plushie 🥰

Did you know?

  • That the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has ancestors that are believed to date all the way back the 10th century.
  • According to welsh legend corgis were enchanted creatures that used to pull fairy coaches, herd fairy cattle and were a protector and companion of fairy soldiers.

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