Shiba Cartoon Plush

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Shiba Cartoon Plush

An extra squishy and huggable plushie for premium snuggles.

A one of a kind shiba plush with a delightfully cute cartoon face. Gaze upon and adore cartoon shibas fun smile and embrace his open arms.

A plushie with character. A great gift for any loved one. Watch their face brighten up with joy when they realise you got them this fantastic plushie


  • Happy smiley welcoming expression, that will make you smile right back.
  • Silky smooth fur for a soft stroking expzerience.
  • Open arms for hugging.
  • Packed full of luxurious cotton, for bouncy squishy hugging.
  • Available in 3 sizes. 35cm, 50cm and 65cm.
  • For 3 years +

Woman with 3 shiba Inu stuffed toys in a cartoon shape

Shiba inu stuffie and a woman reading a book

shiba inu plush toy, pushed up against a wall

2 shiba sitting side by side that are cartoon plushies

shiba dog cartoon plush toy on a laptop

shiba inu stuffed animal poking its head around the corner of a waldrobe

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Shiba money back guarantee
Your Shiba Cartoon Plush comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.